Children’s character building workshop 孩子品格培訓班

Building Internal Motivation in Kids

Parents often feel as if they must continually prod their kids along to get them through the same routine that they do every day. They ask, “How can I get my child to do thing on his own without me pushing him along?” “If the children are repeating the same tasks on a daily basis, then why do they need continual reminders? These are good questions and may worth evaluating, because there are some approaches parents could use to make changes at the heart level.

If your child has become accustomed to replying on parental reminders to get things done, then now is the time to try a different parenting approach. In this workshop, parents and their children attend together, learning some heart-based parenting techniques that can develop internal initiative and responsibility, so that children will do the right thing without being reminded.

This workshop is for children in grade 1-5 and their parents attend together.  It can be delivered in three different sessions with 1.5 hours each, or in two sessions with 3 hours each.

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父母經常覺得,他們必須不斷地催促孩子每天做同樣的事情。他們問:「我怎麼能使孩子自發地做好他們的事,而不用我推動呢?」 「如果孩子們每天都重複同樣的工作,那麼為什麼他們需要不斷的提醒呢?」 這些都是值得思考的好問題,因為有一些教養的方法,可以讓父母用來改變孩子的內心。