Deanna Lao

Deanna Lao

Before coming to US, Deanna graduated from a teachers’ college in Guangzhou. She taught college-level English for several years. She then pursued a master’s degree in Business Management in US and graduated with a concentration in Information System Management

She has always been interested in the topic of parenting. It relates to her experience with her own parents, who were kind-hearted, but lacked experience and training in parenting skills. Ever since she became a mom, she has sought to learn more about parenting to find the best strategies to raise her two daughters.

She and her husband have been coached by mentors during every stage of their daughters’ growth. She also actively involved in Sunday school teaching and youth ministry at church. Both her daughters are now in their twenties, serving in their own churches. She completed the training for Biblical Parenting coaching program and is also a certified Stephen Minister in the caring ministry at her church. She strongly believes raising a child must start with strengthening the heart based on biblical values. Parents should be the model.

Deanna has a burden to guide parents, especially Chinese immigrants, to raise the next generation that reflects God’s characters. She brings her knowledge, experience and the heart-based parenting approach in helping parents to develop solid strategies and action plans.

Deanna speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

She can be reached via email at, or by cell phone at (425)-941-8190.

來美以前,Deanna 畢業於廣州師範學院。曾留校教英文。 她在美國獲得了信息管理系統方面的碩士學位。

Deanna一向很關心子女管教和培育這個話題. 這源於她經歷到自己的父母有心無力,特別缺乏管教技巧。自從當了母親之後,她更是用心地去摸索教育兩個女兒最恰當的方法。

在女兒們成長的每一個階段, 她和先生都有幸在導師的指導下學習如何為人父母。 她也在教會的兒童主日學,青少年和關懷事工上有服待。如今她兩個女兒已經二十幾歲, 也活躍在教會的服侍中。她完成了Biblical Parenting Coaching Program的訓練, 並取得親職教練的資格。她堅信兒女的教育必須從塑造心靈開始, 以聖經價值為基礎. 父母身體力行地為兒女作榜樣.

Deanna 致力於幫助父母培養出反映上帝品格的下一代.她會結合她的知識和經驗, 還有以心為本的方法幫助父母制定持之而行的計劃。

Deanna 會講廣東話,普通話和英文。她可以透過面談,電話和網絡來提供輔導。她對從中國而來的移民父母有特別的負擔.

聯絡:, (425)-941-8190.