Parent the Heart Program

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Parent the Heart Program (家心行動) is an 8-week personalized parenting training guided by a parenting coach in person, on the phone, or any online tools.

Through this training program, parents learn about the heart-based parenting techniques to build character in their child, including cooperation, responsibility, self-motivation, and managing emotions.

This program can be offered in English, Mandarin or Cantonese.

Parenting on a heart level takes time and effort in preplanning with a strategic emphasis on teaching, training, and building relationship. Parent the Heart Program (家心行動) helps parents work through practical ideas and instructions in an 8-week period. It helps parents achieve the following goals:

  • Address heart issues and build relationship with their children
  • Create strategies and action plans to develop their children’s character qualities
  • Teach children to develop self-motivation and independent thinking
  • Build a God-centered family that loves God and honors each other.

When parents implement the heart-based parenting approach, they find it refreshing, insightful, and hopeful because they see miracles happen in the lives of their families. In addition to God’s grace, here are reasons why this approach works to help kids change:

  • It’s biblical.
  • It’s practical, giving specific how-to solutions.
  • It’s focused on the heart.
  • It looks long-term.

Participating parents have full access to the Parent Coaching website of the National Center of Biblical Parenting, including instructional videos, handouts, downloads, forms, and ideas for working with their child. They will meet with the parenting coach once a week, one-on-one in person, on the phone or any online tools.
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We have two parenting coaches, Shirley Chan and Catherine Chan, who have completed an intensive coaching training with the National Center of Biblical Parenting. They speak Chinese and English. Click this link to see their profile.

Suggested donation $200

If you are interested in Parent the Heart program (家心行動), please email us at

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